365 Group with activities towards the community

365 Group awarded new year gifts for the poor in  Ward 13, Tan Binh District

On the occasion of year end, wishing to bring for the poor and people who have difficult circumstances getting a warm new year, 365 Group had cooperated with People Committee Ward 13, Tan Binh District to organize a ceremony  gifting to the poor on 10/02/2018, before Tet holiday.There are 200 gifts to be given to the poor and difficult family who are living on the ward with the necessary commodities  such as: sugar, rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, cake, jam. .. The value of each gift is 500,000. This is meaningful activity of 365 Group.

365 Group hand out presents to the poor at local area

Through this program, 365 Group hope to sharing difficulties to the poor. And, This is also meaningful activities expressing the spirit of The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves, solidarity in order to contribute to a better social community and bring Tet to the poor who have the difficult circumstances. Besides, this is also the motivation to the families to overcome difficulties escape the poor ./.

Source: 365 Group

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