365 Express specializes in providing domestic and international express delivery solutions. Deeply aware of the importance of express delivery to business operations, especially during the boom of the 4.0 revolution, 365 Express has made continuous efforts to improve service quality. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best courier solutions available to meet the diverse needs of our customers with diverse and safe products.

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Cash on Delivery Joint Stock Company (COD) is a member of 365 Group. The company was established on August 1, 2017 and officially launched the Cash on Delivery service on October 1, 2017. The company committed money guarantees maximum safety for goods and money, Customer service, the most professional forwarder attitude in the market.

Human resources are the most important factor, the money delivery is constantly improved, innovative to bring the best service to customers.

The company aims to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam for the delivery of goods and services in the field of electronic commerce.

In the traditional way, when you need to book a car you have to spend a lot of time and effort to contact the driver you know, confirm the delivery schedule, negotiate the price … Not to mention in case you change the schedule If you have a delivery order, you will be very tense about finding a truck driver who can not concentrate on the business.

365 Mover is a great application for you to place your car for delivery needs. We connect you with a team of experienced and dedicated car drivers for the customer. When you need to move your order fast or need an active delivery schedule, 365 Mover will help you to place your car efficiently.

In addition, to ensure the quality of the delivery team, 365 Mover provides an open interactive platform that allows you to evaluate and score with each delivery. This helps our drivers to continually improve their service to satisfy their customers.

An application that allows users to immediately hire a shipper with their own delivery truck and help the shipper earn extra income with attractive bonuses. Built by a team of young, dynamic, adaptable to rapid technological change. Our employees are not afraid to challenge to take the 365 Truck beyond the goals seemingly insurmountable.

For customers, just use the 365 Truck you can call dozens of 365 Truck shipper, in just a short time, shipper will arrive at the delivery point to deliver to you with the fastest time.

With the driver, after activating the 365 Mover driver account, just open the application and you can receive dozens of orders. Then just pick up the appropriate order and delivery to the customer, you will be immediately receive cash ship or shipping charges to your account.

You need to move? Need to deliver? There are 365 Bike!

365 Bike will match your needs to the closest and most qualified drivers. More than that, with a team of professional drivers, tested, trained and certified by 365 Bike, along with tracking your trip or order online, you will always be assured of quality, the amount and safety of each trip!

Not only cater to the needs of moving customers, 365 Bike also redefines delivery quality: Faster and safer.

With 365 Bike, you just need the exact time and place, we will immediately connect your needs to the nearest driver.