General introduction

365 Group is one of the leading corporations in Vietnam in the field of Logistics. Established on June 12, 2006, over 12 years of establishment and development, 365 Group is constantly rising in the domestic and international market, confirming the stature of a business growth. Comprehensive.

With a desire to bring to the market products and services of international standards and a whole new experience of modern lifestyle, in any field 365 Group has also proved its pioneering role. Tend to change the trend of consumption.

Our capacity

Real estate








Technology 4.0


Why cooperate with us

365 Group has done wonders to honor the Vietnamese brand and is proud to be one of the leading private economic groups in Vietnam.

  • Get customer focus. Keeping customers happy is the primary goal of the company.

  • At 365 Group, we always encourage creativity and innovation.
  • For 365 Group, Talent is the foundation of the company, the resources for the company to develop sustainably.

  • Keep faith, every promise must be concrete by action, must adhere to the principles and commitment to fulfill their promises.

  • 365 Group has always put TAM as one of the cornerstones of business.

Our project


365 Group with the core of logistics. We specialize in providing domestic and international express delivery solutions in Vietnam.

Some of the current projects related to 365 Group’s logistics include: 365 Express, 365hours, 365hours, 365hours, 365bikes, …


Recent advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) can completely change the way people live in the near future.

Not to be out of the trend, 365 Group has been deploying such projects as: 365 Home Services, 365 Fuel, 365 Rentcar, 365 Click to Sell, 365 Travelship, …


Currently, 365 Group is implementing some projects related to e-commerce such as,,,,,, …

With the advantages of space, time and cost during the revolutionary time, the Group 365 will easily and quickly bring its products to the consumer effectively.


We are proud to bring to customers the projects, products with the best quality. Not only that, with the belief that customer trust is the destination of success. 365 Group has been cooperating with domestic and foreign strategic partners such as Sotetsu, Vinasun, VJBC, Hankyu … to bring the best products to customers.