Yamato 365 Express Cold Shipping in Vietnam

The transportation ensures that fruits and food remain as fresh as at the place of production.

Mr. Dinh Vinh Cuong – representative of Yamato 365 Express, said that the demand for cold supply in Vietnam is very high, ranking 17th in the world. With over 95 million people in the country having high demand for clean food such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. However, transporting from production areas to consumers still has many limitations.

According to him, the actual loss rate in transportation, storage, etc., accounts for a percentage from 25-30%, and for items like fruits and vegetables, it can reach up to 45%. The main reason is that the cold supply transportation in Vietnam is still limited. The trend of using clean, imported, organic food, and food and beverage chains will help develop the cold supply market in the near future.

Mr. Dinh Vinh Cuong – representative of Yamato 365 Express.

This latest move aims to enhance the cold shipping service in the Vietnamese market. The company leverages its advanced capabilities and cold shipping knowledge from Japan’s Yamato Group with over 98 years of experience.

“We not only want to improve the quality of products for customers in Vietnam but also expect to improve the quality of goods and services,” he said at the press conference to launch the service.

In 2019, Yamato Holdings celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 2015, Yamato Logistics Vietnam was established, specializing in providing retail delivery services, consumer goods, warehousing, import-export, customs clearance, and cargo delivery. Yamato 365 Express was created with the expectation of becoming the 4th country in the Southeast Asian region for cargo transportation.

The leadership of Yamato Holdings 365 Express during the signing ceremony.

The leadership pledged that the cold shipping service of the unit will apply new methods to preserve the freshness of fruits. “We will introduce cold shipping services from Japan for items like fish and fruits, while still maintaining their freshness,” he added.

Yamato 365 Express was established with the capital contribution of two partners, Yamato Asia 51% and 365 Express 49%. The company aims to deploy its service industry in the Vietnamese market by leveraging the experience and knowledge of cold transportation in Japan from the Yamato Group. Simultaneously, it combines the commercial transportation function with the transportation experience in the Vietnamese market from the 365 Group.

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